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About Us

Our People
Our Approach

At AvaJet we believe in building long-term relationships. Every client is provided a level of service that is consistent across the board; a level of service that is efficient, professional, respectful, and always welcoming. We think of ourselves as being in the business of making impressions, ones that are worthy of referrals, that have all of our customers returning again and again.

Our people are dedicated to excellence and innovation. We not only do things the right way, were always looking for a better way from developing proprietary solutions to redesigning existing systems to work better. But ultimately, everything we do is to enhance the ownership and operating experience of our customers to provide the kind of service that gives you peace of mind, knowing the job will be done with skill and precision and that youll be back in the air in the shortest possible time. That's the standard we'll be judged by; that's the standard we set at AvaJet of TX.

AvaJet of TX is committed to the belief that great employees are the reason for a company's success, especially when it comes to building lasting relationships with our customers. Every employee is passionate about aviation and strives to anticipate each client's needs. They are genuine in their concern and take pride in their work. Our employees create an individually unique and personal experience for our customers. With each mechanic and technician averaging 25 years of experience, our employees bring unique knowledge and expertise in solving our customers' challenges.

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