LED lighting provides passengers with a well-lit atmosphere to work or relax in during the flight. LED lighting solutions reduce maintenance time and costs for your aircraft by lasting longer than incandescent or florescent lighting, and they have less impact on the temperature of the aircraft and drawing less electrical load. The color temperature of the fully dimmable white light can also be made to be slightly cooler, softer, or warmer, depending on your preference. Some full-color LED fixtures can also be programmed to change colors in the aircraft, which allows you to set a mood for a particular part of the flight.

With our engineering expertise in lighting system planning, we can provide all of your aircraft lighting needs with visually pleasing results. Our lighting services include:

Control integration support for all lighting systems

Coordination with lighting manufacturers to plan layouts and provide installation support for new LED light systems, including full spectrum LED fixtures with programmable mood controls

Planning for modification of existing light systems, including the removal and addition of same length light fixtures, and provide new installation drawings for the reconfiguration program

Analyzing existing lighting schemes and propose alternate layouts for aggressive weight reduction programs

Design additions to existing up-wash or down-wash only systems to provide greater lighting flexibility

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