AvaJet of TX is an FAA Certified Repair Station providing aircraft owners, operators and maintenance providers with mobile avionics support and troubleshooting.

Our services include pitot-static, transponder and RVSM inspections. We service all business jets, turboprops and general aviation aircraft and provide repair and overhaul services along with a variety of air data test sets.

AvaJet of TX offers the option to bring the repair station to you and perform the maintenance or certification in your own hanger, saving you time, repositioning and money.

We have the equipment, experience and capabilities to perform your avionics repairs. Our test equipment includes Navigation, Communications, DME, Transponder and 406Mhz ELT's. We specialize in the 24-month IFR and VFR certification required under FAR 91.411 and 91.413 and provide RVSM certification and skin mapping/waviness inspections.

Pitot/Static  |  817.200.3000