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Your plane, customized to you

Cabin Entertainment Systems

Experience the ultimate in in-flight entertainment systems with XM Radio, BluRay DVD players, mass storage Video on Demand devices, Satellite TV, custom cabin speaker packages, iPod docking stations and more. Available solutions include: Cabin Management Systems, Integrated Audio, Video, Communications and Internet services.

Enjoy home-theater entertainment systems in the comfort of your own cabin with larger, thinner and lighter LCD monitors. Many options now include HD capability and all of the features of a home entertainment system. High-resolution moving maps including satellite earth views and graphical weather are some of the features offered in the latest cabin information systems. Whether you want to be able to call your home office while crossing the Atlantic, watch the latest news on television, relax to your favorite music or send an email to your best customer, we have the experience to make it happen.


Navigation and communication equipment are must-have essentials, and there's little tolerance for poor performers. We provide the very best avionics solutions, including short and long range navigation, WAAS GPS sensors, Inertial navigation sensors and a full line of communications radios. From basic Nav/Coms to complex Fight Management, TAWS, TCAS and Autopilot systems, we have the capabilities required to support the most comprehensive installations.

We are proud to offer comprehensive troubleshooting, repair and installation for most leading turbine and general aviation avionics manufacturers. Our team of talented, experienced technicians is dedicated to detailed troubleshooting, repair, installation and support.

All installations are delivered with the required FAA documentation, Flight Manual Supplements (as required), weight and balance, equipment list and logbook entries. We have engineering staff to provide installation design support and CAD-generated wiring diagrams, including both Electrical and Structural D.E.Rs.

Our goal is to always deliver your aircraft to you in a timely manner with the most sophisticated avionics available. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy.


Airtext allows aircraft owners to add reliable, in-flight email, phone calls, and text messaging to a variety of aircraft with the installation of a single unit.

By installing a small, paperback-sized FAA-approved device — which weighs only about one pound — Airtext gives up to 16 passengers the ability to send and receive emails and SMS messages as well as phone calls.

Airtext connects to the plane's existing Iridium phone antenna, while passenger connections are made through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and the free Airtext mobile app. Data plans are available through Airtext and include message bundles and per-message pricing.

Ava Jet can provide your aircraft an Airtext setup to give your passengers reliable communication at any time on any flight.

Terrestrial and SATCOM

SATCOM communications allow operators of private aircraft crisp, clear, continuous coverage anywhere. It can also provide real-time information on departures, destinations, movement times, engine parameters, delays, positioning, maintenance, and winds aloft. Ava Jet provides you with a trustworthy resource when it comes to satellite communications.

Our satellite communications solutions include:

  • SATCOM voice and data services

  • Inmarsat solutions including support for Aero-H/H+/I, Mini-M, Swift64 and Swift Broadband

  • Solutions for legacy networks such as Aero-C

  • Iridium voice and data link solutions

  • Satellite connectivity to FSS and oceanic ATC facilities

  • Satellite graphical weather support

  • Single-number fleet and GlobalOne direct dialing

  • Automatic detection of incoming faxes

  • Online interface to view real-time activity

  • Seamless L-band and Ku-band switching (vice versa)

High-Speed Data

Our customers need to stay connected in the air just as they are on the ground. But most satellite-based systems are too slow, too large, too heavy or too expensive to install in all but the largest aircraft. We offer the latest in high-speed data service that is powered by the same wireless standard as most mobile broadband services. Not only is the equipment we use lighter and smaller, its faster than the previous generation of 64 kbps satellite links. It operates like what you're used to on the ground.

We can provide both terrestrial and satellite based high-speed internet systems, depending on our customers' needs for data coverage and availability.

LED Lighting

LED lighting provides passengers with a well-lit atmosphere to work or relax in during the flight. LED lighting solutions reduce maintenance time and costs for your aircraft by lasting longer than incandescent or florescent lighting, and they have less impact on the temperature of the aircraft and drawing less electrical load. The color temperature of the fully dimmable white light can also be made to be slightly cooler, softer, or warmer, depending on your preference. Some full-color LED fixtures can also be programmed to change colors in the aircraft, which allows you to set a mood for a particular part of the flight.

With our engineering expertise in lighting system planning, we can provide all of your aircraft lighting needs with visually pleasing results. Our lighting services include:

  • Control integration support for all lighting systems

  • Coordination with lighting manufacturers to plan layouts and provide installation support for new LED light systems, including full spectrum LED fixtures with programmable mood controls

  • Planning for modification of existing light systems, including the removal and addition of same length light fixtures, and provide new installation drawings for the reconfiguration program

  • Analyzing existing lighting schemes and propose alternate layouts for aggressive weight reduction programs

  • Design additions to existing up-wash or down-wash only systems to provide greater lighting flexibility

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