Ava Jet of TX provides complete flight test, instrumentation, data analysis and reporting capability to gain RVSM airworthiness approval. Of particular interest are those aircraft types for which the manufacturer no longer provides any assistance.

AvaJet of TX can provide complete RVSM certification and upgrade services in cooperation with local partners:

Evaluation of existing aircraft avionics configuration with regard to their RVSM compliance

Engineering design for an RVSM compliant avionics upgrade

Modification of aircraft and integration of RVSM compliant avionics systems

Development of a Flight Test Plan (FTP) for RVSM flight tests

Coordination of the FTP approval with any certification authority worldwide (FAA, DGAC, or any other CAA)

Support by flight test engineers to integrate and operate the instrumentation (flight test with trailing cone)

Skin waviness mapping for the continued airworthiness

Verification flight with GMU (GPS based Monitoring Unit) after RVSM avionics upgrade for RVSM verification

After this process is completed, we will provide the report to obtain the RVSM LOA from the aviation authorities.

In addition to initial RVSM testing and certification, Ava Jet can perform you annual or bi-annual pitot/ static testing, skin waviness and transponder checks to keep your system approved. We offer complete mobile testing services anywhere in the USA.

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