SATCOM communications allow operators of private aircraft crisp, clear, continuous coverage anywhere. It can also provide real-time information on departures, destinations, movement times, engine parameters, delays, positioning, maintenance, and winds aloft. Ava Jet provides you with a trustworthy resource when it comes to satellite communications.

Our satellite communications solutions include:

SATCOM voice and data services

Inmarsat solutions including support for Aero-H/H+/I, Mini-M, Swift64 and Swift Broadband

Solutions for legacy networks such as Aero-C

Iridium voice and data link solutions

Satellite connectivity to FSS and oceanic ATC facilities

Satellite graphical weather support

Single-number fleet and GlobalOne direct dialing

Automatic detection of incoming faxes

Online interface to view real-time activity

Seamless L-band and Ku-band switching (vice versa)

SATCOM  |  817.200.3000